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Founder's Story

There are over 1.4 Million Americans with spinal cord injuries! Andy Blood is one of them, This is his story…..

Hi. My Name is Andy Blood. I grew up an adrenaline junkie and always wanted to WIN & Be The Best! 

In 2004 that day, I thought it was gonna be like every other day but it wasn’t. 

I was a pole climber for a local communication company. When the snow is 4ft deep that’s when the powers out and it’s our job. 

The company cut corners and I sadly had to pay the price…

Its was like any other day. I was eager to work and got to work right away as we hit the site. I did our “check” to ensure the pole was sturdy and NOT-rotted and it passed.

I climbed up, started tearing it down.  It was windy at the top and there was a weird movement of silence. All of a sudden the clouds were moving. I realized the pole was falling and the next thing I knew I could see train tracks.

I didn’t know if I was going to make it or NOT….

I had the hardest battle in my LIFE ahead of me.

After 9 years of recovery, I started to live my life again….

I got hungry for one of my passions… SPEED

That’s when RUNNIT Racing was born. I always loved going fast and the first time I have seen a trophy truck I knew what I wanted to do. I created a racing team with my friends I call my brothers. Our Team was crushing it! I was living my dream :)

There’s a fine line between winning & crashing….

2018 MINT 400 race did not go as planned. Everything was going so well. Leading up to my crash I was doing over 100+ MPH & had enough traction, riding the line so well.

Until we got into a corner and had too much speed. We ended up going over 3 or 4 times.

Then when we landed it was such a shock to see FIRE. We were stuck in a metal cage that was on fire. It wasn’t good, we suffered some major injuries in this race.

We realize every time we go out, it could be our last...

HOWEVER, I have loved life more than I have ever before. It’s a privilege to wake up & accomplish things I thought I could never do.

NOW it's time for me to help others do the same!

Let’s go RUNNIT!