First and foremost, we are a hand to hold. We are friends that know from experience the pain and frustration caused by a life-altering accident, and emotional repercussions. We are advocates for our fellows who need help, but do not know where to go. Our mission statement says it all:

We aim to transform the lives of individuals living with a physical disability by restoring physical freedom, mobility and independence. 

Blood Brothers Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We provide support to individuals living with physical disabilities by funding vehicle modifications. We assist with adaptive devices for vehicles such as:

  • hand controls

  • lifts 

  • steering devices

  • ramps


We were founded in 2013 by husband and wife pair Andrew Blood and Sara Garriques. In 2004, Andrew was paralyzed during an accident at work. He was working on an electrical pole when the pole collapsed due to internal rotting, causing him to fall 30 feet to the ground while still attached to the pole. He suffered multiple broken bones and sustained a T-12 spinal cord injury. After 10 years of recovery,  Andrew now makes it his mission to help others who are living with a physical disability regain their personal freedom and restore their ability to drive independently. He knows first-hand the difference that unlimited mobility can make on self-esteem, happiness, and freedom. Andy, and the entire team, exist to help you regain your freedom.